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[Classic toe collection] 👟Which color do you like?

2022.01.24 02:52 lol2021-Wuho [Classic toe collection] 👟Which color do you like?

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2022.01.24 02:52 Delicious_Annual_394 Kids thought 9/11 was a meme, and not real

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2022.01.24 02:52 hoodedsushi First box of Eevee Heroes pulls. They're all so awesome looking. I could just keep staring at them for ages.

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2022.01.24 02:52 engine73 Stove shocks me. Will a ground strap to copper cold water pipe eliminate it? Any draw backs?

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2022.01.24 02:52 nplang09 Which do I choose?

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2022.01.24 02:52 LovesDosa What are your top 5 picks in the 3cy+Turbo Petrol MT cars/csuvs category?

It looks like the low-mid segment industry is steadily moving towards 3cy+Turbo configuration to meet emission norms. Given this trend, which vendors in your opinion have done a good job so far with their implementations? Also, which vendor in your opinion has to do a better job? Points to consider 1. Refinement and noise - it is a known disadvantage of moving to 3cy engine config. But it will be interesting to determine which vendor has so far addressed it satisfactorily. 2. City traffic - throttle response down low aka turbo lag. 3. Highway cruising / fun factor - stress free cruising speeds (80kph-110kph), occasional burst for passing vehicles, spirited driving. 4. Fuel efficiency - any benefit of moving from 4cy to 3cy either on hwy or city driving? 5. Reliability - there might not be sufficient data here.
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2022.01.24 02:52 Chakraalexis Running on autopilot

Since I left school, life has pretty much been the same. The days bleed into each other and before you know it 3 years have gone by and I've done absolutely nothing with my time. I got depressed...and it got worse and after years I'm probably at my lowest point, mental health wise, that I have ever been at. I lost all my friends because I pushed them away and isolated myself and even when they made the effort with me I still didn't know how to maintain a friendship because of how fucked in the head I am. I feel guilty because of it, like I'm a bad person and maybe I deserve to feel the guilt since nobody deserves to be ghosted or pushed away even if mental health is the "excuse" idk. I don't speak to anyone anymore and spend every day at home just distracting myself enough so I dont think about my problems and I wish life could go back to what it was before I got depressed. Life was easier back then. I was somewhat happy. And now I'm here venting on reddit at 5am because getting therapy in this country is apparently not that easy and so I've gotta deal with it myself. Idk what to do anymore
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2022.01.24 02:52 dedasdude PIC

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2022.01.24 02:52 Lazysquirrel27 Overall experience with Casper matresses?

I was this close to ordering one after sampling it at a local Macy's, it feels a little soft and a little firm and I liked it.
I looked around at reviews and there are plenty of people complaining that these things are 90% marketing and fluff with no real quality.
Any anecdotes whether good or bad worth sharing?
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2022.01.24 02:52 RuralRasta How long can a roach live stuck to a glue trap

Got treatment 20 days ago after seeing a couple roaches in my small apartment. After blasting steam in the cupboards no visible roaches came out. It was a relief. Glue traps were laid out above the cabinets and beside fridge and stove. After never seeing any in the traps by fridge and stove I sort of assumed it was over until I saw one last night on top of my fridge. I killed it and checked the traps bove cupboards where I found 4 adults stuck, still alive. Two were females with egg sacs. Another treatment will be done this week. I'm just wondering if it's possible that those are adults from 20 days ago prior to the first treatment I got? How long can they live stuck to a trap with no food/water?
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2022.01.24 02:52 cotw_ninja What is the scariest thing about death?

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2022.01.24 02:52 StinkyPete312 The Fauci Administration? Biden's Top Doc Did Five Times As Many Interviews as President in First Year

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2022.01.24 02:52 Sudden_Assumption696 Asa pwede magtrabaho?

I need help po. I (F19) am a freshman college student and money is tight right now. I want to help my family. I have no work experience pero I am really willing to do anything. Thank you po.
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2022.01.24 02:52 erebusman [2022 in RoguelikeDev] DunGems

[2022 in RoguelikeDev] DunGems DunGems is a casual rogulike/roguelite (TBD - read more later) with Match-3 Gem combat.

DunGems is currently being built to run on Mobile & Desktop systems with the game being FREE in both models but slightly different monetization ideas in both modes.
DunGems is written in C# with Unity 3d as the game engine being used.
This is the official announcement of this project as well - as I have never officially promoted it until now.
So if your interested read on for some thoughts I wanted to share about the project.
1: Re-usable package approach
The most important thing about DunGems for me is the architecture is designed to be a set of importable re-useable packages that I can update outside of DunGems, and indeed even use in a different Roguelike game in the future.
I have written two other roguelike projects that I eventually had to stop due to the projects getting out of control and unmaintainable, as well as having insane feature/scope creep.
So the beginning of DunGems was to take the giant ball of mud from those two previous projects and re-architect the systems into modules that can be very separately maintained.
Starting in 2020 and continuing through 2021 I have architected now a set of systems to use in the game:

DunGems architecture
In 2020 I focused on bringing all of these systems plus some core code specific to the game together and now have a prototype level of gameplay built.

2: Came up with a system to "light" Unity's Tilemap system without using any actual light.
This is really the coolest thing for me in the project so far - after about 3-4 iteration and different methods of attempting to "light" my Tilemap dungeon I finally came up with a system that I believe will work most optimally on mobile devices as it in fact does not use any lights at all (which are terribly expensive on mobile).
Normally your dungeon is drawn inside of a tilemap and you would set the tile to be a fully white, fully opaque color value RGBA of 255,255,255,255) and then leave it at that - letting the lighting system handle making it 'dark' or light.
But with a set of rules that are tied into where you are and what a potential visibility range is and line of sight calculations each tile at specific range's is then set to be a dimmedarker color for the actual tile itself.
In other words a tile about 3 steps away from your character might have its albedo set to RGBA of 212,197,155,255.
Whereas one that has not yet been seen at all, therefore fully in the 'fog of war' would be set to RGBA of 0,0,0,255 (black).
Here's an animated gif of this system in progress with A* pathfinding a route through a dungeon:
Lighting a dungeon with fog of war, by only changing the RGBA value of tiles instead of using lighting system.
3: Started using diagrams or chart or other documentation for complex systems
A big change from my previous two roguelike efforts is I am now using https://app.diagrams.net/ (free software) to create graphs of what each of the complex systems is supposed to do.
Sort of a hybrid child of a UML chart and a flow chart its really whatever I personally need to understand a complex system I am implementing and leave a record for myself to review later if I need to go back and modify that system later.
Sure, my code is 'self documenting' as much as I can make it - but understanding a complex system takes time to dig into - when I have not touched a system in 2 months and I go back to it I can review these diagrams and remember what is going on in a matter of minutes.
This is important to me because the next worst thing beside a huge ball of mud project is one that is- so complex to understand it takes more time than I have each day to get my brain wrapped around it enough to make progress on it.
Making systems concrete enough in this documentation has really helped!
Here's an example of a combat chart I made:

4: I said no more mobile games for me - yet here I am making a mobile game
I have shipped 10 games on my own, half of those being mobile. The only game to make any notable money was a casual match 3 desktop gem game that the website Wild Tangent published.
I had one mobile game that was a 'premium' game at .99 cents and it sold a few hundred copies over 3 years - I guess you can call that a success - but compared to the time I put in to make it and the Apple publishing fee of $100 dollars I really count that to be a loss.
So I said to myself "no more mobile games, the money for small people like me is clearly in desktop".
But - this idea changed my mind. The utilization of Match 3 gameplay as the combat really resonated for me - especially for a casual audience.
Combat is often the 'easy to learn but hard to master' component of roguelikes. And in fact, as many of us know 'hard to master' is putting it gently.
So taking the hardest learning curve item of a roguelike and turning it on its head made sense to me - and once I made a prototype of the combat I was completely sold!
A cleaned up and improved version of combat.
As soon as I played the first version of the game I had a huge influx of ideas about how combat would work and could be improved.
Gems could have special properties like attack rating, defense, health restoration, mana restoration and so forth.
So in addition to just making matches to damage your opponent all of a sudden there's another layer of strategy going on.
Could it be possible to have enough defense that your opponents couldn't damage you?
Could it be possible to starve an enemy spellcaster of replenishing their mana?
But I was self-aware enough to realize that most desktop players would see the match-3 gem combat and say 'take this crap to mobile!'.
When I ran through that scenario in my head for the 10th time I realized that DunGems was going to be mobile first game. Casuals are aplenty on mobile platforms and will have little to no objection to combat being 'easier' yet still having some strategy involved within the system.
So I had convinced myself to make another mobile game..

5: But wait, is this a Roguelike or a Roguelite?
Great question - the truth is there is a lot of people using the word Roguelike to market games that are not Roguelikes at all.
Using the Berlin Interpretation from Rogue Basin I believe DunGems currently fits all the rules with the possible exception of perma-death.
In DunGems the presence of Perma death is currently undecided upon and under design considerations.
My core idea is that there will be a separate concept of your current health, and a soul mechanic that when fully depleted will have some form death tied to it.
The design question that is not yet finalized is: will setting the difficulty or other setting of the game toggle between a hard perma death and a soft perma death?
IMO - Given todays atmosphere where Roguelike is used as a marketing buzz word for all sorts of games that barely resemble a roguelike - I feel fairly safe using the word Roguelike to describe the game to casuals. I may have to stick to roguelite on these forums though ;-)
6: When can you play and where?
For now the project is hosted on https://doommetalgames.itch.io/dungems but eventually you will be able to get it on Android/ Google Play once the first real release comes out.
I will make desktop and Androids builds available on the website.
HOWEVER it is not ready to play quite yet.
Yes I glued most of those systems above into the game, but the core gameplay loop is not quite finished, and even when its in it will need a little bit of extra love to make your first experience feel like it warrants a revisit later on.
So as far as the when .. as soon as possible because I'd really like to engage in a community participation driven development process and get feedback from players as I grow the game. I can only engage in that process once I have a playable build up so I am working hard to get that first release up as early in this year as possible.

7: Roadmap
The first three big things on the roadmap are as follows:

  • make core game loop solid enough to release first build
  • add character leveling
  • add in inventory subsystem and loot
After the making the first build available I will of course work on the next two items but the roadmap may adjust after that because of community interaction - so while I do have a lot of notes on what the larger game will need I am not making a concrete roadmap too far ahead into the future more than the next 1-2 items at a time until I can involve community feedback so that their feedback starts appearing regularly on the roadmap as well.
Thanks for reading!
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2022.01.24 02:52 Letholdus13131313 So the Avatar is better than our C'tan in every possible way. And cheaper, rumored to be about 240 pts.

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2022.01.24 02:52 sofielovesshopping Outfit for a Comedy Show: LA Open Back Tie Long Sleeve(In Alignment Straight Strap Bra worn under)Leather Skirt from Zara and Cole Haan Boots

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2022.01.24 02:52 wolerne Best OT mods?

I’m a legendary edition scrub. After seeing that PEOM isn’t getting ported to LE, I’ve finally decided I’m missing out. I wanna hear your recommendations for someone who completed the game already a bunch of times.
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2022.01.24 02:52 marketsecrets [Video] Why Chain is the important element in Price Action Trading?

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2022.01.24 02:52 SpongeBobsSideHole Camping.

Just a question, is this anormal thing for people to camp at the end of a match when there is 5min or less? waiting at an extract.? im level 4... and i can't finish a raid or quests because of campers. how am i supposed to progress in this game?
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2022.01.24 02:52 RipperRoo218 My house

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2022.01.24 02:52 wizurd I really appreciate having a personal bodyguard

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2022.01.24 02:52 CellistGreat1790 Relații

De câte ori vă vedeați iubitul/ iubita în timpul studenției, înainte de a vă muta împreună?
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2022.01.24 02:52 replacementengines Not Just Best in Drive and Looks but Ford Ranger Giving Tough Time to its all Rivals as Well

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2022.01.24 02:52 yramt Kitchen pipes keep freezing

Looking for some thoughts because for the past few years we've had an issue with our kitchen sink freezing.
We live in a gut rehab, so we know there are cut corners. Our kitchen is on an exterior wall and the floor in that part of the house has always felt colder. Last year, we paid someone to blow insulation into the walls in the basement below and the kitchen, expecting it to help. Ripping out the cabinets isn't really in the budget unless it's our only option.
Down by the kickplate, between cabinets (aka on either side of the sink) I can feel a cold air breeze. Our dishwasher is colder too and I'm wondering if it's cold enough that it's causing thermal shock when we run it. We've had a number of plates the last few years develop fractures. I know one was this winter, we didn't really think about when the last ones happened, but it's been a while. Now we open the door to try and bring up the interior temp of the dishwasher before running it.
At this point we're stumped at what we should be doing to fix it for good. We're constantly letting the sink drip, leaving the cabinet open, etc. My fear is that there's a hole in the exterior somewhere; it's sided so we can't easily see where that might be.
I love some suggestions on how we can best get to the root of the problem.
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2022.01.24 02:52 MozartWasARed Redditors who know multiple languages, who in your family knows you can speak as many languages as you do?

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